Time is Money – Credentialing Experts, Inc is here to reduce time and cost while improving the credentialing process for our clients. Our staff are knowledgeable and experienced in regulations, credentialing and provider enrollment processes. We are here to assist you so you can stay focused on your practice.

Our services are customizable to fit the needs of each medical and healthcare professional or medical practice. As a general list, Credentialing Experts, Inc. offers:

  • CAQH Applications – Set-up and maintain applications
  • National Provider Identifier – Online set-up and changes
  • Hospital Initial and Reappointment Applications
  • Managed Care Initial and Re-credentialing Applications
  • Medicare Enrollment and Revalidation Applications
  • Medicaid Enrollment and Revalidation Applications
  • Continuing Medical Education – Maintenance Listings for Hospitals and License Renewals
  • Expiring Documents – Tracking and Monthly Notifications
  • DEA Registration – Online Completion and Prepay
  • New, Merging and Additions to Practice Credentialing
  • Primary Source Verifications and Ongoing Monitoring of Sanctions
  • Credentials Application Management
  • Office Staff Training and Orientation
  • Your Own Project – Designed for You

Some services are more intensive and require multiple steps through various regulatory or oversight agencies. For these types of combined services we have created the following specialized packages: