About Us

Since 2003, Credentialing Experts, Inc. has been helping medical and healthcare professionals navigate the credentialing and provider enrollment process. We are here to minimize the interruptions and assist you in staying focused on growing your practices. Credentialing Experts, Inc. believes in establishing and maintaining a long term relationship and being your partner throughout the process. We work, one-on-one, with each facility, managed care company, medical staff and private office, to expedite file completion. Our credentialing professionals pay attention to accuracy and detail. Our goal is to provide quality customer service while performing our duties as an extension of each medical and healthcare professional’s office.

Credentialing Experts, Inc. also provides consulting services. We assist all types of medical and healthcare professionals in establishing appropriate procedures and relationships with extremely valuable outside resources: billing companies, attorneys or even state medical boards. We represent your practice and negotiate on your behalf to ensure your entire operation flows smoothly.

Our Passion

Put simply, Credentialing Experts, Inc. is here to help you succeed.  We have dedicated time and resources to staying current on new/changing regulatory requirements through concurrent training in TJC, NCQH and CMS standards, as well as other credentialing updates for the use of CAQH and PECOS.   Our skilled professionals put their expertise to work for you and your practice by identifying applicable requirements associated to your practice and then helping you navigate the process.

Credentialing has evolved from simple background information, to massive mounds of paperwork and evidence of competency. The industry today uses electronic formats and requires intensive documentation and verification methods. The federal government, local states, community hospitals and managed care/insurance companies have their own standards, as well as separate applications. You need a partner who is well versed in all areas and experienced in navigating the verification and credentialing process.

Credentialing Experts, Inc. is a regional company, serving Kansas and Missouri from the greater Kansas City metropolitan area.


What Our Clients are Saying


“We determined years ago that Credentialing Experts provided our clients thorough, responsive, cost-effective services.  We have been referring new clients to them ever since without hesitation or disappointment.  Their advice and direction in credentialing matters have been indispensable to our physicians and us.  They have never steered us wrong navigating the labyrinth of managed care.  While maintaining a staunch professionalism, they are just plain nice, honest people to deal with.”

Robert P. – RLP Medical Billing, Inc.


“You and your staff are a pleasure to work with.  You are professional, extremely responsive and take a tremendous burden from my workload.  I would recommend you and your organization to anyone needing such services.”

Practice Manager


“Our physician group is comprised of 5 orthopaedic surgeons and 5 PA’s have utilized Credentialing Experts since early 2007.  Ever since that time we have utilized them for all credentialing with our hospital affiliates, renewing of our medical licenses, DEA registrations, and monitoring of our CME’s for the providers.   This is just to name a few of the functions they have performed for us.  I have found the staff extremely responsive and easy to communicate with.  This has taken a substantial load off my plate and allows me to concentrate on the daily operations of the clinic. This was one of the best decisions our practice has made.”

Randy J. – Clinic Administrator


“We have utilized the services of Credentialing Experts for nearly 10 years. The management of contracts and credentialing is a tedious and precise job that requires experience. Ann and her team are professional, timely, knowledgeable and courteous. Credentialing Experts not only has taken a huge paperwork burden off of my shoulders, but knowing that our provider credentialing is being done properly provides peace of mind to our management team and physician owners.”

Emily B. – Practice Administrator